Hold for auto ripple

mintyslippers wrote on 7/24/2019, 3:51 AM

Oh dear god this could be the one feature which makes everyone upgrade.

Instead of a keybind for ripple on or off how about a hold to ripple. So I can assign a mouse button or key so I hold that, ripple the poop out of my edit and let go, back to normal.

I swear I spend more time clicking undo because I left that damn toggle on than anything else.


Dexcon wrote on 7/24/2019, 4:38 AM

+1 ... I couldn't agree more. The option of have ripple activated only while a key is being held down is a great idea. Waiting for undo to work after adding a new event to the TL on a large project with ripple inadvertently activated is tiresomely slow - I sometimes go and do something else while waiting, like make a cup of coffee, check emails, etc.



Marco. wrote on 7/24/2019, 4:49 AM

Not the same but close to it: Why not use the post-ripple features (F, Ctrl+F, Shift+Ctrl+F)?

Also, there are scripts available which trim the selected Event and using rippling for that single process.