avgeek wrote on 10/4/2002, 5:05 PM
Wouldn't rendering to DV help in this case? It's a little lossy, but not too bad.
Former user wrote on 10/4/2002, 5:40 PM
You need to render to the format that the company who is putting the video on BetaSP can handle. They might require an uncompressed format (which is why you have the large size). Contact them to find out what formats they accept.

Dave T2
John_Cline wrote on 10/4/2002, 6:24 PM
Well, let's do the math... 720x480= 345,600 bytes, times 3 for each of the color channels makes it 1,036,800 bytes per frame, times 29.97 frames per second= 31,072,896 bytes per second, times 30 seconds= 932,186,880 bytes, plus another 5,760,000 bytes for 30 seconds of 48k stereo audio equals a grand total of 937,946,880 bytes. Plus you need to add a few bytes for header information. So, yes, 30 seconds of uncompressed video and audio is about 1 gigabyte.

I agree, see what compressed video formats the transfer place can handle and give it to them. I would think pretty much anyone could handle DV, which would get your 30 seconds down to about 110 meg. I'll bet they can also handle some sort of AVID file and the AVID codecs are available for free from the AVID website.