How About VST Support

Greg_M wrote on 2/12/2008, 11:41 PM

CDA is a great little application. In virtually every audio forum that I frequent the question regularly comes up by someone asking about recommending CD burning software. Along with a list of a few others, CDA is always highly recommended by someone and second and thirded by others. People love this application. I love this application.

However, it needs a couple of minor (I think) updates. One of the ones that I would really like to see is support for VST plug-ins. I know I could open files/tracks from the timeline in Sound Forge and apply VST effects. I know I could do the mastering in PT or Sound Forge or Vegas and bring the files into CDA for arrangement and burning, but I would really like to do it all in CDA. The Sony plug-ins are good, but there are some others that I like too. I'm sure you know that the problem is that support for DirectX plug-ins is quickly disappearing. For instance, PSP used to provide DirectX versions as well as VST, RTAS, etc. They have dropped DirectX.

I use a couple of plug-ins that use Bob Katz' K-System metering for level management (Inspector XL and PSP Xenon). Neither are DirectX and never will be. VST to DX wrappers don't seem to be stable (at least what I have) and will likely never get fixed.

So.... please consider updating this little jewel. There are a lot of people who will thank you for it.

All the Best,


Greg_M wrote on 2/15/2008, 12:38 AM
Looks like you can now add Waves to the plug-in group that no longer supports DirectX. They just released Version 5.9.7 and it is RTAS and VST only.

RickM wrote on 3/3/2008, 6:13 AM
I would like to add another voice to Greg M's request to updating CDA to support VST plugins. Having used Waves plugins on dozens of CDA projects, I am greatly disappointed that all of these past projects are not retrievable with the Waves 5.9.7 update installed.
Mike Docy wrote on 3/3/2008, 2:19 PM
Probably the best way to get this implemented would be to go to the product suggestion page and request it there. Here is the link:
ezurick wrote on 6/27/2009, 6:18 AM
I also submitted my recommendation. CDA needs to have VST support yesterday! I really need my UAD-2 (Neve 88S) plugin on the total mix... If I pull all the audio files into Reaper and place the Neve 88S on the total mix, Wow what a difference.

Of course most pro plugins are VST... I hope they consider this real soon...
Geoff_Wood wrote on 6/28/2009, 6:29 PM
Of coure there are the other often pleaded for requests, the main one being some way of handling event plugins spo that they are not all sucking CPU at the same time, making realtime preview impossible in many cases.

And a built-in simple stereo record option.

And more metering.

ezurick wrote on 6/29/2009, 6:59 AM
I am not sure what you're suggesting Geoff, but I think one of the most critical (and top priorities) for updating the CDA is the support for VST. This should have happened perhaps in version 4 or earlier. VST is the pro norm and will be for a long time. It is very very surprising to see that a red-book level program does not support VST. Why charge top dollar for software and not provide the features that are suppose to be "pro"? Makes no sense...

And it appears customers have been asking for a long time, only to get ignored.
Geoff_Wood wrote on 6/29/2009, 11:49 PM
Every existing DX plug will carry on working as before. Unless the likes of Waves will uninstall the old DXs when updating to the new VST-only releases.

I'm suggesting that there are equally (or more) crippling issues than VST support, though VST support is desirable and will be essential.

With the plugin concurrency problem, even DX is rendered useless in 'serious use' scenarios. So VST would be equally crippled if present.

So I think the originators of CD need to give it an overall spruce-up to make it the app it should be !

It seems that SoSoFo do not realise the importance of CDA, and what a gem they have being allowed to gather dust in the corner....

MacMoney wrote on 6/30/2009, 6:22 PM
I use Waves v5.0 on a system just for CDA.
And Waves v6 on my main system for everything else.
I'm REALLY trying hard to understand why no VST support in CDA.

George Ware
Weka wrote on 7/17/2009, 9:14 AM
Agreed! I've been forced, by the sudden death of a motherboard, to do a clean install. In my old system I had a favourite VST EQ appearing in CDA but can't for the life of me remember what I did to get it there. Could it have been via the old Cakewalk VST wrapper? If that makes sense, I'd rush out and buy it!
Any thoughts?
Cheers & thanks
Geoff_Wood wrote on 7/17/2009, 7:49 PM
Must have been a wrapper.

I'd rather have the plugin/cpu-load addressed than VST though - what the use of plugins if you can't use them to full effect ! Not to meantion VST is also an essential needed update !

I would like to use (say) several of the Izo plugs with different settings on each separate event. On even a modest project this prevents effective realtime preview, which is the whole point of lining thing up in CDA, for me.

Weka wrote on 7/17/2009, 10:10 PM
Thanks Geoff.
Are any Sonar users here able to confirm that my getting the stand-alone Cakewalk wrapper will do for me what the Sonar 8's in-built thingy wont?

I've been a CDA user for 11 years now and can't imagine using anything else. I'm more than happy to pay good money for any improvements such as those being discussed here and like many fail to grasp why Sony don't get on to it.

How about DDP?
Mike Docy wrote on 7/22/2009, 7:24 AM
Hey, Good idea about using the Cakewalk VST Wrapper.

I know that I have it on one of my earlier versions of Sonar or Home Studio. I'm going to find it tonight and try it out. I'll report back here.
The Cakewalk web page mentions it working with Sound Forge
but doesn't say anything about CDA but I would think they are similar and it would work.
Key Benefits
•Open up your DirectX-only applications like SONAR, Home Studio, Sound Forge, ACID, Vegas, Cool Edit, etc. to hundreds of available freeware and shareware VST effects plug-ins and VSTi software synths

•Offers identical internal processing and sound quality as VST hosts
•No additional latency
•Negligible CPU hit
Weka wrote on 7/23/2009, 12:51 AM
Mike. I just installed Sonar 3 and ran the then-included wrapper and, bingo!. All my VST's now in CDA. Worked. Great!