How Big?

Gbrown wrote on 8/30/2000, 7:49 PM
I've got 3 layla 16bits, a Mackie 24channel mixer board,
and am running Vegas Pro. I also use DSP-FX. The band I
record insists on using as many channels as there are
grains of sand on any given beach! So I've run out of
computer. I've got a Dell 350mhz PII with 128mb ram and a
7200ide 13gig hard drive. Songs have on the average 22-24
tracks, and then I need to add more than 4FX (that's my
limit now). Any recommendations out there? I would really
like to record in the 48k 16bit realm, but can't do that
right now. The Dell worked just fine, but I'm wondering
about PIII and Windows 2000 etc.
Thanks to all


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