How Can I Replicate This Slide Transition?

enenera wrote on 4/22/2019, 5:28 PM

Hey guys!

I was editing a video and wanted a new transition and ran across this one.

But the tutorial is in AE. Does anyone know how to replicate this, possibly with my own background? I was thinking of using the masking tool and keyframes, but I don't know how clean that would turn out.

Thanks! Any help is appreciated!


xberk wrote on 4/22/2019, 9:31 PM

I believe Vegas can do this using the Slide transition (which I believe comes with all versions of Vegas) and Media Generator or your own grahpic. I think you'd need two video tracks to achieve it.

heg wrote on 4/22/2019, 10:36 PM

Follow this tutorials

And if you want something pre-made:


Grazie wrote on 4/22/2019, 11:24 PM

Definitely a work in progress! This is my SINGLE Gradient Event Slider for preparation for a Transition:

Lots of Control options 😉 .


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