SonicCaleb wrote on 6/18/1999, 11:26 AM
Hi David,

Dither is a plug-in that ships with Vegas. You can add
dither to an output bus chain just like you would any other
effect. Press the effect button on the bus and choose
Dither from the 'Track' folder.

David Johnston wrote:
>>I got a Tip of the Day saying you can Dither the final
>>output (eg going to a 16-bit mix down or out to a 16-bit
>>card) but I cannot find out how to do this. Is this
>>possible in the beta? Are there noise shaping curves as
chris-s7240 wrote on 5/10/2019, 4:17 AM


help me with the link to download vegas 14 32bit

send the link here or my email

Marco. wrote on 5/10/2019, 4:27 AM

There is no 32 bit version of Vegas Pro 14. I think since version 12 Vegas Pro is 64 bit only.

Also this is the wrong place for such a query, this was about dithering 20 years ago, considered to be solved. Closed for this reason.