How do you control burn speed in CDA5?

massgiorgini wrote on 6/14/2003, 2:57 PM
Hello -

I know that the drop-down menu allows you to choose different burn speeds, but it seems that no matter which one I choose, it always burns at whatever random speed the burner/software chooses, why is this? Is there a way to override this? I feel uncomfortable sending out masters for production that burn at 8x-16x... Especially after spending thousands of dollars and many months in production...



Geoff_Wood wrote on 6/14/2003, 5:04 PM
How have you decided that it is burning at speeds other than that selected ?

Don't go by the 'progress' meter, this can in some circumstances only be intermittantly updated.

rpmbassman wrote on 10/24/2003, 1:44 PM
Well it happened to me too. I selected 4x and the disc burned at 8x. What gives? I need to be able to select 4x and even 2x for my masters... and be sure that the disk was burned at the selected rate.

The progress meter updates about every second and it tells which burn rate is being used. If I can't rely on that, then why is it there? That's nonsense.

Sonic Foundry: please tell me how I can be sure that CDA is burning at the selected rate.
Geoff_Wood wrote on 10/27/2003, 10:24 PM
Are you sure that your writer supports speeds lower than 4x ?

rpmbassman wrote on 10/28/2003, 12:40 PM
Well gosh! I didn't even think there were burners that couldn't burn at slow speeds... That's a new one on me.

I really don't know. How can I tell? Well...maybe I can try burning at 2- or 4-x with another application.

Any other way to tell?
Geoff_Wood wrote on 10/29/2003, 3:49 PM
Check the specs of your drive maybe ?

FWIW there is little or no point in writing at <8x on todays media, despite dogmatic urban myths. The results are often *worse* that writing at an optimal speed.

Waskel wrote on 11/14/2003, 3:17 PM
check out

In it you'll find this:
"The recording speed is independent of playback speed. It is generally better to record at higher speeds. The physics, chemistry and thermodynamics of the recording process produce more consistent and readable marks within the CD-R recording layer.

"The CD recorder manufacturers that provide recommendations regarding the type of PC you need to successfully record CD-R media and the type of CD-R media that you should use in their CD recorder. If you follow these recommendations, the speed that you record with produces an identical CD. If your PC cannot support the data throughput required to drive the CD-Recorder at its rated speed, then recording at a lower speed is necessary."

Let the myth be dead. Faster burn rates are not the problem, inferior media is.

Geoff_Wood wrote on 11/14/2003, 4:54 PM
Dunno how authoritative "" should be cionsidered, but in my experience the best results with my drives (which range from 12 to 52 speed is 12 x max. Above this player compatibility appears less reliable.

You can now easily check these things with the Plextor Premium drive, which includes C1/C2 error testing (plus more) in the PlexTools suite.