How do you define the first item selected on a page.

PixelStuff wrote on 4/22/2003, 6:40 PM
Most of the pages I create automaticly set the highlight to the return button. However in one of my projects there is a page that sets the highlight to the top item on the page. That's exactly what I want. However I can't figure out what it telling it to do that.

This particular page is a "Play All" or play these differnt sections from the same video. The top item that it is default selecting is one of the first segments of video. I also have other pages designed the same way that all default to the return button.

I heard that it is not possible to define this default selection. So what's happening here? Or am I wrong. How do you define the first selection.



teknal wrote on 4/22/2003, 8:13 PM
Hi JBJones,

I found that if I delete the return button, add my other items then add a return button it's then in the proper order. (In DVDA, Insert menu -> Back Button). I could not find any mention of how to do this in an easier way in the help file either. I hope they add a feature to do this.

SonySDB wrote on 4/23/2003, 8:53 AM
The first item selected is the first button in object order.

To view object order...
1. Options | Show Object Order

To change object order...
1. Edit | Editing Tool | Selection Tool
2. Select an Object in the Menu
3. Edit | Object Order and choose Move To Top, Move To Bottom, Move Forward or Move Back
teknal wrote on 4/23/2003, 10:22 AM
I tried that last week and it has no effect. I also just tried it again and still it doesn't work. My text Play button is the second object and I tried Move to Bottom and in "preview" it is still the first highlighted object. (object 1 is the text title). Is this a bug? Thanks.
SonySDB wrote on 4/23/2003, 12:28 PM
No. The button with the lowest number is the one that is highlighted first.

1. Select the button you want to be highlighted first
2. Edit | Object Order | Move To Bottom
teknal wrote on 4/23/2003, 7:13 PM
Thanks but it still doesn't have any effect in the preview screen. The same object is highlighted first. I even tried 'move to top' for the other objects and get the same result. The numbers in the parenthesis change but not the number outside. Thanks.
SonySDB wrote on 4/24/2003, 9:25 AM
Sorry. You need to make sure the selection tool is selected when doing this (otherwise you're just changing the object order within the button).

1. Edit | Editing Tool | Selection Tool
2. Select the button you want to be highlighted first
3. Edit | Object Order | Move To Bottom
Baylo wrote on 4/24/2003, 12:39 PM
You can use the other tool (is it called the 'sizing tool'?), but you need to make sure that you select both the picture and text at once.

teknal wrote on 4/24/2003, 3:29 PM
Thanks! I see that now in your first reply in this thread. I'm sorry I missed it. It works properly with using the Selection tool.

I think it would have been easier to understand if they had been under separate sub-menus. Also, I would think "move to top" means a higher priority and should be first, seems backwards to have to "move to bottom" in order to be first. :)