How do you monitor audio when recording a track?

Andy C wrote on 6/4/2012, 2:50 AM
I normally do a lot of video editing with VMS, as that's what it's primarily designed for. But... I recently had the requirement to record some guitar through Line In and I could not figure out how to monitor the input whilst playing. I'm guessing it should be obvious but for the life of me I cannot see how to do it.
I'm using Windows 7 and VMS Plat 11. In Windows there's an option to monitor the input but there's a 400ms delay, making it unusable in a live situation. There has to be a way to do it in Vegas.


Steve Grisetti wrote on 6/4/2012, 6:55 AM
I don't know about live feeds, but Vegas does include audio meters for monitoring your sound levels. (The Master Mixer, for instance, in the upper right of the interface.)
Steven Myers wrote on 6/4/2012, 7:33 AM
Product comparison chart indicates that input monitoring is possible with professional version, but not consumer versions.
Andy C wrote on 6/4/2012, 9:39 AM
Thanks, and duh, how obvious was that? Sorry, I should have checked the specs. Having used Sony ACID (which gives you that facility) I kind of guessed a pricier product would have done the same.
I got round it by installing the later version of my sound card driver. That was what was causing the audio delay. I found I could adjust the properties of the Speakers in Win7 to allow the Line-in through as well. It's a kludge but until I can afford the big daddy version, it'll do.