how long to create a BD iso

doobre wrote on 7/20/2023, 10:37 PM

Hi all, just wondering roughly how long it takes for you to create a BD iso in DVDA v7 (with DD5.1) when the title/videos are already BD complient (through BD Rebuilder) and fill 98% of the space available.. ? ( I'm using an older i7 PC) DVD's are really quick (like 10mins) just wondered what to expect for BD. Seems to be about 70mins for me.


Dexcon wrote on 7/20/2023, 11:02 PM

I've recently created a number of .iso files in DVDA 6.0 for an 80 mins project using DVDA friendly .avc and .ac3 5.1 renders. The .avc render using a VBR has a max bps of 38,000,000 and an average bps of 25,000,000.

The .iso creation time has been around 19:30 each time. Burning time from the .iso to the BD disc (at 2x) is around 01:06:00.

BD space used for this is 66%.

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doobre wrote on 7/24/2023, 9:15 AM

I've noticed a dramatic time reduction if the input files are NOT multiplexed when you add them to DVDA. [which is what Vegas Pro supplies] I am seeing a BD build taking only 20 minutes at 90% disc space used.

RedRob-CandlelightProdctns wrote on 8/2/2023, 1:00 PM

I've noticed a dramatic time reduction if the input files are NOT multiplexed when you add them to DVDA. [which is what Vegas Pro supplies] I am seeing a BD build taking only 20 minutes at 90% disc space used.

you're saying that the Blu-ray format AVCs generated from Vegas using the Sony blu-ray render format *are* multiplexed and are slower in DVDA?

I've found my Blu-ray authoring in DVDA *significantly* slower than DVDs when the source videos are AVC generated in Vegas (using Sony Blu-ray AVC templates). This is particularly true when using motion menus -- I've always figured it is because DVDA is 32-bit, and does not appear to be optimized for HD renders the same way Vegas is.

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doobre wrote on 8/2/2023, 7:59 PM

What I mean is that, if you output an A/V file from vegas in a muxed file, or already have a muxed file that is BD compliant, the required processing done by DVDA is much quicker to output the finished BD iso, if you use separate streams into DVDA.

PLUS - Also the space taken calculation used up by your files will be reported correctly by DVDA, when using AVC+ac3, not so with an already AV file.

john-baker wrote on 8/3/2023, 1:10 PM



BD burning times are dependent on the burner speed and disc writing speed and I would expect a burn time to be at least 6x longer than the burn time for the same project done as a DVD.

The longest I have had a BD project take to burn to disc using DVDA 7 is 40 mins.

The video files were BD compliant with audio muxed into them, to give a total disc space usage of 95%, .

The video files were created in a Magix video editor (VPX) and the disc project was comprised of 32 muxed video files, plus 7 menus with muxed video backgrounds and custom menu buttons.

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