How Much is Your Camera Clipping?

musicvid10 wrote on 4/30/2016, 3:08 PM
I resurrected my old Photoshop clipping action project because I was bored. Use it with a single image or sequence. No support.

Note that colors are subtractive: Black means luminance clipping, Yellow means blue channel clipping, Magenta means green channel, Red means Blue-Green axis, etc. Only exception is Black level clipping, which is blue..


PeterDuke wrote on 4/30/2016, 6:47 PM
Hypochondriacs must love tools like that. :)

8-bits per channel has long passed its useful life. I always shoot raw stills to give me a few extra bits to play with.
musicvid10 wrote on 4/30/2016, 7:09 PM
Well, that one was staged for dramatic effect. Original is an AVCHD frame grab and holds the extremes pretty well.
PeterDuke wrote on 4/30/2016, 7:37 PM
As an amateur photographer and videographer I usually have no control over the lighting and find myself battling with high dynamic range. Burnt out blue skies look sad and what do you do if the subject is partly in shade?. Take a fill light to the zoo? Give me more bits!
VidMus wrote on 4/30/2016, 7:52 PM
"Give me more bits!"

I need more money to afford the bits. Bits are expensive!

musicvid10 wrote on 4/30/2016, 7:54 PM
Give me better light!

Anyways the Action is a hoot on an image sequence.

riredale wrote on 5/1/2016, 10:48 AM
There is an extremely simple solution to all this.

Move to Oregon.

The sun is almost always behind clouds and cameras can record the full range of what they see.

Seattle would probably work also, and they have the Space Needle.
musicvid10 wrote on 5/1/2016, 10:53 AM
For those reasons, it is easy to get lost in Oregon.
At least, that was my experience visiting there as a kid.

JackW wrote on 5/1/2016, 1:20 PM
Seattle is perfect, although today the mists have disappeared and we're bathed in sunlight. Can't see the Space Needle from home, but the flowers are gorgeous and I have camera in hand, headed out the door.

Riredale, where in Oregon?
musicvid10 wrote on 5/1/2016, 10:58 PM
This really needs more bitrate than YT is able to give it.
View on Youtube at 720p or you'll miss a lot of clipping detail at the beginning.

riredale wrote on 5/2/2016, 10:45 AM
JackW, Lake Oswego for 25 years. Southern California before that. We visit Friday Harbor several times a year up on San Juan Island.
musicvid10 wrote on 5/2/2016, 9:48 PM
Thanks to Douglas Laing and for the footage.

Laurence wrote on 5/2/2016, 10:38 PM
I just mentioned this in another current thread but I will bring it up here as well because of its relevance (

With MOV format footage from Panasonic, Canon and Nikon photography cameras, Vegas will stretch whatever is between 16-235 out to values between 0 and 255. In the process anything below 16 is lost and anything above 235 is clipped. On the GH3 and GH4 you can get around this by using an MP4 or AVCHD format (which does not get stretched) but with a Canon or Nikon DSLR, the only way around this is to use some other software to transcode or rerender the files or put in a cRGB to sRGB color corrector and live with the clipping.
musicvid10 wrote on 5/2/2016, 11:50 PM
Every MOV file I've run through GoPro Studio to make Cineform for Vegas has come out 16-235.
Gordon Laing has quite an exhaustive library of camera tests on Vimeo, and I converted several of them in GoPro to test workflows with different cameras.

I don't know if this suggests a workaround for the problem you observed, but it's ridiculously easy to work with the files in Vegas.

Laurence wrote on 5/3/2016, 7:55 AM
Yes, Cineform conversions work great. My complaint is that you expand the file size immensely and gaine nothing aside from color compatability.
musicvid10 wrote on 5/3/2016, 8:43 AM
Size considerations aside, I can edit Cineform on a modest laptop, where it's impossible with MOV files from any of the camera makers you pointed out.

There doesn't seem to be an option not to convert levels to 16-235 in GoPro Cineform. That can get annoying, say, when I want to work with a full range image sequence in Photoshop, such as the method used for this thread.