How much should I expect?

Xpios wrote on 4/12/2000, 1:48 PM
Here's my system

Abit BP6 motherboard
Dual Celeron 500mhz (not overclocked)
256Megs Pc100 Ram
(cheap) SBLive (value i think)
Running Windows2000

I loaded up about 5 stereo songs (total of 10 tracks)and
played them all back at once... it chugged on it. Then i
went into preferences and upped my buffers. that didn't
really help much until i turned off simultaneous record and
play back. I ran it again and it did fine for a while and
chugged every once in a while after having played a couple
minutes of all the songs at once. i tried to plug in some
basic effects like eq and chorus but couldn't dicern any
real changes in the audio. It doesn't really seem like my
multi-processors have gained me much in the way of
performance. Is the problem the sound card? What sound
cards would be recommended to give me at least 24 track
simultaneous record,playback and inserting multiple effects
durring playback on several tracks without chugging? I'm
looking at using the SEK'D Converters for 96khz 24 AD. So
i need a card that will handle that as well. Also, if I
record and play back at 24bit 96khz, im guessing this will
also chop at my performance eh?

I like the vegas interface and what they are doing but I'm
not quite sure it's worth much more to do it this way than
to simply buy a 4,000 dedicated system that will give me
rock solid performance like the SoundScape digital systems.
any thoughts comments or rebuttles?


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