MSmart wrote on 12/28/2007, 12:00 PM
rkuba, read THIS, it should tell you everything about your question.
Tollkuhnator wrote on 12/28/2007, 2:38 PM
If all you need is to inspect the time code, you can do this using the Project Media window, which is selected by pressing Alt+5 (it displays in the lower-left by default). Above the list of project media you will see a magnifying glass icon, and just to the left of that there is a small drop down that let's you select the display format. Choose "Detailed." You will notice approximately twenty column headings when you use the scroll bar at the bottom of the window to move to the right. One of the columns is labeled "Date/Time Stamp" and shows the date and time of the clip. (I'm not sure if the value is from the start or the end of the clip. I'll have to test this someday.) You can click on the column header and drag it over to the left to place it in a more convenient position. If you right-click in the media list and choose view, you can turn the display of each column on or off.