How to fix your PC

nickle wrote on 10/19/2004, 10:53 AM
I know many of you already know this and do this, but for those who don't......

After a fresh install of Windows and all the drivers, create a disk image of your C: drive and store it on another partition.

Install your most important Software......Vegas . Do another disk image. These disk images are relatively small and only take a few minutes. I use Powerquest Driveimage. But Norton Ghost does the same and there are others.

Keep your video files, documents, music and everything you create on a partition OTHER than c:

Now if anything goes wrong, Virus, spyware, slow downs, wrong drivers, corrupted files etc.
it only takes a few minutes to go back to a point when everything was perfect, and you don't lose anything you have created.

After installing more software and everything is still perfect, create another disk image so you don't have to go back so far to do another restoration.

If I install something today that screws up my PC, it takes 10 minutes to restore it to working order with all my software, drivers and all fully funcional. And I don't lose anything.

You can delete the older images if you need the space.

This method will save many headaches and alot of time WHEN not if something goes wrong.