ScottW wrote on 12/7/2004, 11:22 AM
This seems to come up about once or twice a week in this forum. Try searing on VOB and you'll find lots of discussions.

The short answer is it's AC3 and Vegas doesn't have an AC3 decoder. Use something like DVD2AVI to extract the audio (and for that matter, the video as well into a DV AVI, since Mpeg is not a good format for editing).

hat3k wrote on 12/7/2004, 10:33 PM
Thanks Scott, strange thing i see, i thought AC3 is default decoder in such programs... B.t.w. will Sony team improve this feature?..
Spot|DSE wrote on 12/7/2004, 10:52 PM
Likely not.
AC3 decode has only a couple real good reasons to be decoded on the Vegas timeline, and oodles of not-good reasons to be decoded on the timeline.

I can just see Sony suing a pirate and explaining to the judge that yes, the pirate stole and distributed Sony's copyrighted movies, and yes...Sony also makes the software that he used to rip the movie off. Wouldn't that just make headlines? :-)
Chienworks wrote on 12/8/2004, 4:08 AM
I'm surprised that someone hasn't created a codec or DX plugin for decoding AC3. This would allow AC3 audio from VOB files to be used right on the timeline just like any other audio format. It's obviously possible since any DVD playback software must include this codec. Since it's possible and, in my opinion, inevitable, why not have SONY do it, and do it right?
hat3k wrote on 12/8/2004, 1:34 PM
If i want to steal the video, i would do it not using huge and expensive Vegas! There are many little programs of black programmers to rip the video, but why i must be in trouble because of them? I pay for my software with pretty money i think! Or that what i ask is too difficult to do? i can't believe...
Rednroll wrote on 12/8/2004, 3:22 PM
Actually, I was just going to post this question and ran into this post. Normally I do this by playing the DVD back through an .AC3 decoder and simultaneously recording all 6 channels in sync with each other. My current work laptop, doesn't have 6 inputs to do this, so therein lies the problem. So I would like to put a DVD in my DVDrom drive and extract the audio to seperate tracks.

So what I'm doing this for is performing some tests on audio hardware that I develop. So the use is, that I want to extract the audio to 6 individual tracks (ie 5.1 mix). Then these tracks will be mixed down to a Dolby Pro Logic II stereo encoded mix to CD. The CD will be played through the hardware I am working on, which decodes Dolby Prologic II mixes back to surround, where it will later be compared to the actual discreet surround playback to see how well the PLII decoder is performing.

So, although this could be used for pirate means, I also have a legitimate need for something like this. It's basically like before, when we couldn't extract audio from a CD due to pirate concerns...blahh...blahh...blah. Yeah, well I guess If I really wanted to pirate it, I already could by playing it back and recording it.

So anyways, does anyone have any recommendations for software that will extract the audio to seperate .WAV files? Is there any that will extract DTS as well as .AC3 (Dolby Digital) tracks?
ScottW wrote on 12/8/2004, 3:26 PM
For AC3 - tell DVD2AVI to keep the output as AC3, then use BeSweet - and get the BeSweet GUI while you're at it (unless you love Unix style command line interfaces). Never had occasion to take apart DTS, so can't help you there, but you might wander around and see if they have a link to anything.