Lyris wrote on 5/4/2009, 10:38 AM
I could be wrong, but isn't this controlled by Right clicking on the event, going to Properties, and changing the Undersample rate?
essami wrote on 5/4/2009, 10:40 AM
I tried that but it ran normal speed for me.

jetdv wrote on 5/4/2009, 11:56 AM
right-click, properties, and change the playback rate?
essami wrote on 5/4/2009, 1:04 PM
But isn't that the same as changing the playback rate of 25fps material to 50%?


essami wrote on 5/4/2009, 1:12 PM
From the manual:

"Playback rate
Enter a value in the box to set the rate of playback. For example, a setting of 1 will play at normal speed, while 0.5 will play at half speed.

Each video event in your project has a specific duration that is not changed by adjusting the playback rate. If you decrease the speed of a ten-second video event by 50%, only five seconds of video will be shown. On the other hand, if the speed is increased 200%, the ten seconds of video will play in only five seconds. The remaining five seconds of the event will be filled either with a freeze of the last frame or with ten additional seconds of video content from the media file (if the source media is longer than the event).

Undersample rate
Enter a value in the box to simulate a lower frame rate. For example, if you enter 0.5 in the box, the event will play at half its original frame rate, and each frame will be held twice as long as in the original media file, creating a strobe effect."

I gotta say that I dont totally understand what they are saying but it doesnt sound like it would separate the 50p frames to produce slow motion in 25fps.

wm_b wrote on 5/4/2009, 1:58 PM
play back rate is what it says. At 50% playback rate your video will be at half speed. The 50p or 60p framerate of the camera will only be a factor in the quality of the image (which should be very good). The project frame rate and the playback rate of the clip are two different things.

In the original post you said something about sound. Do you want the sound to playback at 50% also? This is a whole other problem with unique solutions.
farss wrote on 5/4/2009, 2:34 PM
Method that I use because I know it works.

Set project to 60fps, set ruler to Absolute Frames. Note number of frames in clip.
Change project to 25fps. Ctl+Drag end of clip so it's exact same number of frames long. Job done.

Changing playback rate should work but the numbers have to be exact or some resampling may occur. Working with exact frame numbers seems more reliable to me.

Note that S&Q motion in the EX1 will yield better image quality for SloMo than 50p or 60p as the camera writes way more data. Remember to use a faster shutter speed when shooting SloMo.
Haven't a clue why you want the audio, it'll be toast.

essami wrote on 5/4/2009, 3:11 PM
Thanks, will try all these methods out!

Also as a sidenote if you're having trouble and footage looks "interlaced" when doing time streching on vegas timeline with MXF files you should right click on the clip you're changing speed of, choose properties check "disable resample". This will make it perfectly smooth.

I want audio because I shoot a lot of music videos and this way the playback is really easy to sync with the footage.

TeetimeNC wrote on 5/4/2009, 5:25 PM
Bob's is the technique that works. It uses every frame in the original video intact for beautiful slomo. The only downside - you are limited to 40% (60p to 24p) or 50% (50p to 25p) slomo.

srode wrote on 5/4/2009, 7:36 PM
I just click on the edge of the event while holding 'ctrl' and drag the event end to extend the length - which turns it into slow motion. The audio will be there - but distorted
TeetimeNC wrote on 5/5/2009, 3:36 AM
Yes, Vegas will do this, but all the new intermediate frames are generated. Use Bob's technique if you want the highest quality slomo.


I just click on the edge of the event while holding 'ctrl' and drag the event end to extend the length - which turns it into slow motion.