How to vary volume?

ozzie_fred wrote on 3/22/2006, 6:17 AM

I have a soundtrack for which I want to adjust the volume at certain places within an event. How do I do it? I suspect that it is done with envelopes but I can’t find where to turn them on (in the Platinum edition). P177 of the pdf manual says that ASR can control the fade in/out and overall level of an event, but I want to make momentary adjustments within an event, not just at the borders. My main concern is how to remove an audible click from within an event.


Chienworks wrote on 3/22/2006, 7:53 AM
Select the audio track, then under the Insert menu choose "Volume Envelope". You will then get a thin blue line running all the way through the middle of the track. Double-click this line to add "nodes" to it. You may then move the nodes up and down, or move any section of the line between nodes up and down.

Another method that works well for very short noises is to split the track just before and just after the noise, then drag the top edge of that portion of the event down to reduce it's volume.
PipelineAudio wrote on 3/23/2006, 11:01 AM
usually for clicks, Ill just click the mouse on it and hit "s" to split, for short clicks that will make it history, for longer ones some stretching and crossfading may be in order

to pull up a volume envelope, just click in the track you are interested in and hit "v" on your keyboard