TGS wrote on 1/15/2008, 1:53 PM
Okay, now all you got to do is tell me what you're talking about.
Edit: Okay, I was looking at the top of your post. I see now
jrazz wrote on 1/15/2008, 1:59 PM
Notable Fixes!

ProType Titler changes:
Improved ProType titler support for East Asian vertical text.
In ProType titler, added support for Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow to move by word and Ctrl+A to select all text.
In ProType titler, added ability to move selected text block using arrow keys.
In ProType titler, changed Save to collection to Save as custom curve in curve shortcut menu.
Fixed a possible crash in ProType titler when pressing spacebar when a drop-down was open or after a row was deleted.
Fixed an issue with reading the last frame of an HDV clip.
Fixed issues with long-GOP no-recompress rendering (HDV and XDCAM HD).
Fixed an issue with Film mode panning when both automated and non-automated gain are used.
Fixed an issue with AC-3 audio not being recognized for some MPEG-2 files.
Fixed an issue with the Bump Map plug-in when used in 32-bit floating-point mode on an image with an alpha channel.
Fixed an issue with the Film Grain plug-in when used in 32-bit floating-point mode on an image with an alpha channel.
Fixed an issue with the Default button not defaulting the Audio Device tab Enable Track Buffering and the CD Settings tab Use STPI Direct settings.
Fixed an issue writing Red Book CD ISRC information.
Fixed an issue in the MXF reader that could cause small audio gaps when rendering to some formats.
Fixed color space conversion for certain MainConcept AVC render formats.
Fixed color range clamping that could happen in the MP4 reader.
Fixed an issue that could cause non-active takes of grouped events to become out-of-sync when trimming events with Ignore Event Grouping enabled.
Fixed a possible crash that could occur when deleting a bus during playback under certain routing conditions.
Fixed a possible crash under Windows Vista when closing the Network Notify window before it fully opens.
Fixed an issue with using multiple Targa still image sequences in a composite.
Fixed an issue during project closing when using certain third-party audio plug-ins.
Fixed an issue with seeking when using the Waves Z-Noise plug-in.
Fixed an issue with certain audio plug-ins that could cause freezing during project loading.
Fixed an issue with possible audio drop-outs when rendering very long files.
Fixed an issue with saving markers to MXF files from the Trimmer window.
Fixed an issue importing DV format video from the DR-60 Hard Disk Unit.
Fixed an issue with artifacts appearing on certain 3D tracks.
Fixed an issue with certain 3D video tracks not working in 32-bit floating-point mode.
Fixed a crash that could occur when setting the Trimmer ruler to use the media frame rate.
Added support for MJPEG separate field format.

j razz
DJPadre wrote on 1/15/2008, 6:35 PM
surprised there is no improvement to multicore CPU enhancement during rendering.. or multithreaded ac3 rendering...

Consdienrig my machine renders 4-8x realtime no matter what i do, my CPU is still floating at 40-50% spread evdnly across all 4 cores.....
Im not complaining that its meeting the highest of the high end systems with the render test, but if there is more room for speed which the HW can cope with why not use it...

Its not a bottleneck as these drives can stream MEGABYTES per second, not MEGABITS
ushere wrote on 1/15/2008, 9:47 PM
Fixed issues with long-GOP no-recompress rendering (HDV and XDCAM HD).

does this mean i can print to tape WITHOUT having to re-render with no-recompress turned OFF?

DJPadre wrote on 1/15/2008, 10:06 PM
hmm.. what i really want is a M2t timecode out facility.
Also within a clips properties there is some wasted space, and today was a perfect example of how this space could be used...

Edit clip tags...

les say youve got one looong M2t (or DV AVI) and youre culling the crap
Now u find a nice part of the clip that might need ot be moved somewhere or what have you.
When u right click THIS clip (once its been trimmed) id like to be able to write down some notes.
Once i write a note a little yellow square shows up on my trimmed cli telling me that ther eis a note on this particular clip.

Now, how could this work? Easy..
Check the start and end timecode of the clip (once trimmed)
Have one massive text file with all the timecode references. This information would be taken from the Vidcap file created during capture, as this information already exists.
Now, when u add a "note" the text file is updated with that note and slotted into the specific timecode.

It shoudltn take up many resources (hell its using notepad FFS) but it will definately assist in working on a HIGE timeline..

as an example, right now im working with 13hours worth of raw footage... there is ALOT to go through and some shots were taken at different times. Now if i could isolate those shots and note where they shoudl go, its easier for me to
1) Find the clips
2) pre note required edit/corrections
3) resync to original (if required)

As it stand, what i do is create a new video track, and move those clips up. Then I create a marker and leave otes on teh marker.
This gets VERY messy but it works...

The biggest issue with doing this however (moving clips to a new track) iiis ripple editing. Maybe the ripple button should flash Yellow or something when its on.. ..
deusx wrote on 1/15/2008, 11:53 PM
And I can't believe I just downloaded both ( almost 200mb ) in about 60 seconds.

Sometimes a crap 2mb video takes longer than that.