I found out why slow speed credit rolls with small fonts blink, twinkle,and twitter.

JJKizak wrote on 8/22/2002, 12:06 PM
The enormous technical problems involved are discussed on the web site:
adamwilt.com "Video Tidbits", "Character Generators & Titling" I wish
I was smart enough to fix it. Tried everything except voodoo.

James J. Kizak


JJKizak wrote on 8/22/2002, 1:02 PM
Also, it renders within about 96% steady if I set the Mpeg 2 codec
to progressive scan only, but that does me no good when I cut it to dvd
and try to play it on the old tv.

SonyDennis wrote on 8/22/2002, 4:22 PM
Have you tried turning on the event switch "Reduce Interlace Flicker"?
JJKizak wrote on 8/23/2002, 9:47 AM
Yes, it helped but not very much. also resample. If I render it with
the mpeg codec set to progressive scan and best quality
it works pretty good. This is with
20 font, red, bold. When I say "pretty good" that means there are some
very suttle variations which most people probably would be happy with as I.
Unfortunately, I must render to interlace scan, which is horendous,
but not unusable. This noise modulated effect should be kept as an option
but I still have to have the normal steady rolls.
My next try will be to render it to progressive scan, bring it back on
the timeline then render it to interlace.

James J. Kizak
SonyDennis wrote on 8/23/2002, 1:02 PM
Keep in mind that interlaced footage is not going to look right on a progressive display (such as your computer), since it's designed and rendered for an interlaced device (like your TV). Likewise, progressive footage that looks great on your computer will not look as good on your TV. Hopefully you are making your judgements based on the final output device that your presentation is designed for. And please, don't ever expect interlaced footage designed for TV, even when displayed on TV, to *never* flicker -- flicker is pretty much inherent in the design of TV <g>. I see it all the time on top-quality productions, particularly on sharp edges and credits.
GaryAshorn wrote on 8/23/2002, 3:07 PM
slow credit rolls with thin lines will flicker because of the scan lines as the tv traces the odd and even lines. Been that way since the beginning of time...or when tv came out. Choose your fonts carefully, the speed appropriately.

Gary Ashorn, PE
SonyDennis wrote on 8/23/2002, 5:26 PM

> beginning of time...or when tv came out

You mean there was a difference? <g>

JJKizak wrote on 8/24/2002, 9:44 AM
Thanks everbody for your input. The flickering that I refer to is
in relation to the fixed titles which are rock solid. I view the
final rendering on a 13 inch sony TV ordinary Best Buy type.

James J. Kizak
watson wrote on 8/24/2002, 10:10 AM
Contrast and transparency level make a big difference too.
So play with that and things can move from bad to good.
Red bold titles? Not the best choice of color for quality.
The Font you are using also can cause havoc. Arial is used most often for quality.