I just supported Magix by buying Vegas Pro 14 at $249

i am erikd wrote on 9/25/2016, 12:56 AM

Yes, its been a rocky road so far with Magix.

Yes, they probably bit off more than they can chew.

But, Vegas was dead and now it still has a heartbeat.  I want to try to help keep it alive so I'm willing to throw away $249 in the hope that Vegas will continue to live.  

Yes, I could very well be the sucker.

I'm going to give these guys a chance and we will see if they are for real over the next year.  

If few people invest, it could be the end of Vegas and I don't want to see that because I have done all of my professional work in Vegas since 2008. 

If you can risk losing the investment, I would encourage everyone out there to try and support keeping Vegas alive.  When the patient is near death, very often the scene is not pretty.  With care, over time, things can start to look better.  

That's what I'm hoping for.  Realizing full well that it is hope alone at this point.



ushere wrote on 9/25/2016, 1:11 AM

as much as i applaud your sentiments, and vegas is undeniably one of the greatest nle's, throwing money at magix is rather like giving money to any pyramid scheme in as much as you're investing in hope of great returns without getting a tangible product in return.

i will happily give them my money when i see something that gives me a return for it, not just a point release version and that released with no proper consideration for my long term investment already. 

Sedazin wrote on 9/25/2016, 2:14 AM

Good luck, Erik. To be honest, I wish the best for Vegas but I am afraid that we have seen the real face of Magix in the last week. 

paul_w wrote on 9/25/2016, 2:32 AM

You know, i think its safe to say that nearly everyone on this forum wants Vegas to continue and succeed further. We all love it. But if new releases dont deliver a real step up, or even a step back depending on your point of view, people are simply going to refuse it and not pay. Why would anyone pay for a product they didn't want?..

But bravo for supporting Magix. Mind you, they are a pretty big company to start with, i doubt they really need the financial support of the few. Moral support yes, the will to keep going. At this rate, reading around, they may even be tempted to just drop the whole thing.. I personally wish them good luck with this, but its not looking good at this time. Come on Magix, you can do this.

Laurence wrote on 9/25/2016, 5:39 PM

I'm with Erik on this.  I just did the same.  I have years of learning invested in this format and I hope they succeed.

glovercover wrote on 9/25/2016, 7:05 PM

I fully support Eric. But we want to see the response on the part of developers. I want to know what they think, what guided and where it all goes. Now the most important thing is not to lose the trust of users, so I really count on a constructive dialogue.  I think the best option to arrange a webinar with users. I hope no one will remain indifferent!