<i>Move everything beyond this point</i> tip

TorS wrote on 12/16/2004, 12:06 PM
I find it hard to select everything to the right of a given point with the click and shift-click method, because I usually don't have events at the far right of the upper and or lower tracks. So I simply add some generated media there (usually solid colour pink, something that makes it stand out) to make the selection easier. If you've had that problem, you know what I'm talking about.


jetdv wrote on 12/16/2004, 12:27 PM
Yes - I've had that problem. That's why I wrote the "Select Events" tool in Tsunami so that selecting desired events would be much easier. There's also a free script somewhere that will select everything after the cursor. Tsunami has more options available.
JohnnyRoy wrote on 12/16/2004, 8:40 PM
I wrote the free script that will select all the events on all tracks that are under the current cursor position and to the right of it. It’s called SelectEventsFromCursor.js and is available on the VASST site under All Things Vegas / Veg Files / Scripts and then filter by author Johnny (Roy) Rofrano. It’s the last script on the page.

Ultimate S will allow you to select events in any combination of nine (9) directions (Above, On, or Below the current track, and to the left, under, or right of the cursor, and any combination of those). But if you just want everything to the right of the cursor on all tracks, my free script is all you need.