I need help with changing my rate speed to 1.05

alphaten wrote on 10/12/2011, 11:17 AM
Hey guys i've been doing some music on cd architect 5 but i noticed that when i switched the rate speed controller in the middle of the screen from 0.00 to a rate of 1.05 it sounds much better.

But the Only way to keep it on 1.05 is to keep my mouse held on the rate area and hold it all the way til the end of the song..is their an easier way to make it stay on rate 1.05 from beginning to the end of the track or maybe a hotkey setting that i can use to make it stick....thanks a million.



ChristoC wrote on 10/12/2011, 3:32 PM
CD Architect is just a CD burning & mastering application; holding down the speed controller only works for Playback monitoring, changes the pitch, and does not affect the final burnt-to-CD speed; i.e. there is no permanent change.

Within CD Architect there is a crude way to increase/decrease speed without changing pitch:
- by holding down Ctrl whilst grabbing right-hand end of the clip on timeline (get a wiggly line under edit icon) and moving it left or right for speed up or down,
- Right click on clip in timeline and select Properties: in that box select 'Time Stretch Method' = "Change Length, Preserve Pitch", then manipulate the numbers in 'New Length' box....

but the alogrithm is poor (so the sound is awful) and, as you can see, the user control even poorer; it is very difficult to calculate what setting you should use this way.....

The best way to permanently change the speed (and also maintain current pitch) is to use another application to adjust, and save the file for import back into CDArchitect; e.g. SoundForgePro10 or VegasPro9 both have the facility to use 'Elastique' Time Stretch with a sensible method for user to set precise speed (e.g. change from 1.00 to 1.05) whilst maintaining same pitch and high quality of sound.