jetdv wrote on 5/12/2022, 11:05 AM

If you purchase a perpetual license, you can activate on both.

If you purchase a subscription, you can only activate on one.

When you change your computer, you can deactivate on the old computer and then activate on the new one.

rraud wrote on 5/12/2022, 11:11 AM

Yes, it can be can be activated on both if you wish or deativate it if you no longer neen it on that PC. The perpetual version of VP can be activated on two (2) PCs simultaneously.
You can also deactivate a device and use it on an alternate PC. Visit the MAGIX Service Center and log into your account, go to My Products > Show More Details > Deactivate. This option can be used only once a month.
The other option can be used as often as you wish. In the SF 'Help' menu, select 'Deactivate the Software on this PC'. The PC must be connected to the internet.
A registered user can have two (2) activations on a license, To use SF on an alternate PC. one of th two will need to be deactivated and activated on the alternate PC
The '365' subscription versions can only be activated on one (1) device at a time.