id like to use vegas. can someone help me?

bhodgson wrote on 3/31/2001, 3:17 AM
hello guys. well ive been around the "world" so to speak,
and have tried every program i could for multitracking. Id
really like to use vegas audio for my main multitrack
program. I like the simplicity of it, and its easy to move
around in it. the problem is, just that, however. Although
I think Nuendo or cubase sometimes adds a stale unwanted
color to the sound, its much more flexible (as well as a
few others). im using a yamaha 01v; sending 8 adat optical
tracks, and a stereo spdif panned hard for 9 and 10 tracks
simulntan. to an RME hammerfall card. what are the biggest
likes/dislikes now with vegas audio? I used vegas pro
forever, and liked it.. but i like a good audio editor in
the program, so if i want to process a selected area of a
track w/ a direct x or vst plug, i can do that w/o setting
up a bus for the effect. which you still, for the most part
cannot do in audio, correct? i like the trimmer idea, its
not crowded, and would be great, if i could see its
purpose. what is the trimmer mainly used for if not for
precise editing? ive found that the vegas program does most
things that others do, w/o all the excess that is usually
not needed, that just ends up cluttering your workspace. i
love that, but i'd like to know what everyone else thinks
thats worked w it for awhile. using the sound editor i
understand is a possibility to do any type of processing,
but not being able to preview it instantly w your mix, and
having to save as a new file, then load it back in to audio
really is a drag. is there a way around this? basically,
and other good/bad comments? sorry if this is long, if
anyone could help, id be mucho obliged. thank ya

brad hodgson


Lewman wrote on 4/1/2001, 6:05 PM
I just upgraded to VV. I used Vegas as a multi-track editor. I too have the O1V board and use the ADAT card with a Frotier
Card into the computer. I haven't used VV enough to keep all the little things in my head, but there is a way you need to
assign the bus outputs to O1V so that you can use the panning effect properly within VV, and not your mixer. Once you get
the panning situation solved with your particular card and the mixer, then you can mix the digital audio within Vegas itself,
so that you can see how a stereo mix is working out. If you don't like it, just try another mix, the original tracks don't change.
I also use Sound Forge and I don't think there is any way around having a good stereo editor.
I especially like the FFT equalizer in Samplitude and miss that feature in VV. So, I am trying to set up templates to make it
easier to take the audio files out of VV, get them into Samp, and then go back to VV.
I don't think that any one program can do it all. VV is the best all purpose multi-tracker I have found, though, and the video
editing is much easier for someone like me who has very little video experience, but lots of autio experience.
Harry Lewman