Ideas? Filmstrip effect...

kentwolf wrote on 1/23/2006, 7:39 PM
I was needing to basically have a horizontal (or even vertical) moving filmstrip with various animated video in each frame, or maybe even some stills.

Thus far, it seems the only reasonable way I could make it would be to create a really long filmstrip image sans the images, then pan it, then use it in conjunction with alpha to show the various images in the frames.

Is there an easier way?

I see the "brute force" method. Just wondering if there might be a more "graceful "methodology.



tygrus2000 wrote on 1/23/2006, 7:59 PM
I know that DVD lab has a customized filmstrip effect menu option. Maybe you can alter it to your project.
Spot|DSE wrote on 1/23/2006, 8:03 PM
John Rofrano has a Filmstrip veg on both his site and the VASST site, I don't know if it's what you're looking for, but it takes individuial tracks and puts media in the frame.
kentwolf wrote on 1/23/2006, 8:23 PM
I did some searching.

I saw a post by Johnny Roy stating:

"Then parent all the tracks to an empty track..."

Could someone please state how to do this?

I am not all that familiar with parent/child properties. I've used them a little, but could use some help on just this.

If I can get this one last step, I believe I will be on my way... :)


Note: I did search the VASST site, but only found a very old one from I beelieve 2002 that did not work in Vegas 6. I will check JR's site.

Edit: I checked JR's site but did not see any filmstrip effect. If I can get this parenting thing down, I'll be good to go. :) Thanks!
kentwolf wrote on 1/23/2006, 8:35 PM
I have it all figured out now.

PumiceT wrote on 1/23/2006, 9:25 PM
*by frames in this post, I mean black frames around the main image, like a film strip would have.. not frames of video*

It wouldn't have to be more than 2 frames tall, if it was being shown near actual size (filling the frame). Once you raise it to reveal the bottom frame, and move the current frame off-screen, you could jump the black frame back down. It would be invisible to the viewer, as it would happen in one frame, and happen outside the viewing area.