Important External monitoring issue - Black screen ang lags

Crazydoub-Neo wrote on 9/14/2022, 5:26 AM

I'm using vegas since a very long time.
My config: ASUS Rog Mainboard With Intel Core I9, 32GB Ram, RTX 2060.

I was using 16.0 version of vegas pro without any issues.
Since i updated it to 20.0, i'm not able to use external monitoring properly.

I have a 3 screens config:
2 First are same brand, same model same resolution using display port
3 is a tv with HDMI (Ones i used with older version)

The problem.

When i use second screen as main window and set first screen as monitoring, everything works
When i use first screen as main window and set second or third screen as monitoring, i have back screen for monitoring, preview on main screen becomes laggy and i can't close monitoring window. App crashes when i try fo close it properly.

Nothing changed in my config since upgrade from 16.0 to 20.0

I already tried to activate/deactivate: GPU Acceleration, main IO config items...

Seems that something is wrong between 16.0 and 20.0 version of vegas.

Could you please help me?


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