Importing GamePlay with Multiple Audio Tracks From OBS Stopped Working

funnybuttons wrote on 9/26/2022, 1:21 PM

Hello. First post here but I have been using Vegas Movie Studio for a couple years now with no issues.

At first I thought the issue was with OBS. I usually have two audio tracks, my microphone and the game separate. I do not usually hear them until I load the video into Movie Studio 17. However I am only seeing one audio track in Movie studio which is just the game audio and not my microphone, and OBS only pics up my microphone.

I tried reinstalling OBS and found Nvidia Broadcast would not allow the reinstall unless I disabled it so I did that and still I only get one audio track loading into Movie Studio although OBS appears to be recording two tracks.

It was working fine a week or so ago.

Please let me know if there's a log file or something I can do to figure it out.