Incremental AutoSaves?

chap wrote on 8/4/2014, 8:04 PM
Just built a real bleeding edge machine for a buddy and been having very few problems on it.

one problem that occasionally occurs (well, so far twice in 6 months) is a corrupted .VEG file.

I incrementally save my work but recently the two .VEGs that corrupted actually had the .BAK as corrupted as well (they were both saved at the same time.

Is it possible to set the .BAK to incrementally save, at least 30 min apart maybe?

I just lost hours of work, and while it is fairly easy to re-create, it is a royal pain and could be avoided.

I could just keep naming the file different, but with 18 sequences per 22 min half it would be a lot of naming, and since I am using nesting I need to keep the names all consistent (all v3's go together, etc).

Any plugins that do this, or a setting?


skosh wrote on 8/4/2014, 8:10 PM
This should do the trick along with many other features.
videoITguy wrote on 8/4/2014, 8:24 PM
Timeline Tools is even better and free
chap wrote on 8/4/2014, 8:49 PM
Ah! I use VegasAur!!!

I actually kinda suspected that is the problem, as once installed (on both my machine and my buddies), Vegas closes normally, then says "Vegas Pro has stopped working".

But if it is also the solution,then can i blame em!?

chap wrote on 8/4/2014, 9:00 PM
Where do I set the backup folder for the vegasaur backups? I can't seem to find the setting, it isn't in Preferences and isn't in the settings of the backup tab.
skosh wrote on 8/4/2014, 9:56 PM
I only suggested it as I recalled it had the feature you requested. It appears that you already use it so perhaps asking the author would help.

videoITguy: thanks for mentioning another option.
altarvic wrote on 8/4/2014, 11:48 PM
Vegasaur Backup Tool:

1.Use the latest version (1.9.6) There was a bug in Backups tool that was fixed in the latest builds.

2. ‘Set it and forget it’ is the principle. All backup copies of the current project are displayed in the Backups window. Read the manual.

3. You can save additional backup copies in the selected folder with 'Duplicate In' option
jetdv wrote on 8/5/2014, 3:49 PM
Excalibur as a free Auto Save custom command included in the installer.