Input assignments and changing audio cards

stateofgracie wrote on 8/28/2002, 6:51 PM

I use Vegas on a laptop and record with a RME Hammfall DSP (CardBus) audio interface. Sometimes I edit using the computer's built-in audio when I'm not in the studio. Vegas then loses all recording input channel assignments. They're all set to channel 1, since the RME card is missing and thus there's only one input. The change of input channel gets saved with the edited project. If I want to use the same project to re-record with the same studio setup, I have to reassign the inputs again manually, which is tedious and error prone (ended up with a couple of tracks that recorded an overhead instead of a floor tom). Anyone have any ideas how to work around this? It would be great if Vegas could remember the original input settings, even if the sound card is not there at the time, until a channel is actually activated for recording.


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