Control_Z wrote on 10/22/2002, 1:11 PM
I could use this too. Kinda tedious dragging each event over and would be worse I suppose if I hadda change em all from crossfades.
jetdv wrote on 10/22/2002, 1:30 PM
Under Options - Preferences, go to the Video tab. On this tab, check the box that says "fade edit edges of video events" and set the amount of fade you want. This will apply to ALL video dropped onto the timeline. If, instead of fading, you want them to overlap (i.e. dissolve) check the box that says "automatically overlap multiple selected media when added".
thief_ wrote on 10/22/2002, 8:19 PM
Tried that. I could get the auto-overlap to work but no the auto-fade to implement when adding multiple Media Pool files to the editing tracks.

Plus there's no way to default the fade effect to a specific waveform!

Zulqar-Cheema wrote on 10/23/2002, 11:57 AM
Try this link, it has a macro program to automate the procedure...

For some tips, you can check here:

Click "Appearance"

(I have my ruler numbers in white on grey.)

Control_Z wrote on 10/23/2002, 12:33 PM
That's a very confusing macro. Is there a keyboard shortcut that will convert a take to a crossfade of preset length? While moving all the rest of the events behind it as well, of course. Then, or at the same time, is there a keypress that will change the crossfade to another transition?

Also, note that the preset fades don't seem to work with anything but discrete items in the media pool. It'll work to send a bunch of pics, but not subclips you've cut from a main clip via the trimmer.
FadeToBlack wrote on 10/23/2002, 2:09 PM
dara wrote on 10/23/2002, 4:10 PM
great feedback. I am enjoying editing and learning new skills. other than reading this forum daily, and tons of practice,any suggestions for resources?
thanQ wrote on 10/25/2002, 5:58 AM
hi GG.
is the movieshaker only available for SONY VAIO?
or it can be used on PC, too?

I would like to try the random effect after hard editing...
Tyler.Durden wrote on 10/25/2002, 7:14 AM
I think Movie Shaker only comes with a Sony...

Don't despair, it ain't pretty.

More like letting a chimpanzee paint yer living-room, than letting Michelangelo paint yer ceiling.

Regards, MPH
watson wrote on 10/25/2002, 9:12 AM
"chimpanzee paint yer living-room"

I bet you could sell that Idea in NYC....
$1000 per hour- Have our chimpanzee paint yer living-room.

See, there is no limit to the creative geniuses here!

Now that would be a heck of a video.