Dexcon wrote on 2/23/2020, 9:45 PM

In VP, go to Options/Preferences and select the VST Effects tab, then use one of the Alternate VST Search Folders to Browse for the VST folder in which the Nectar 2 and 3 .vst files are held under C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86). You may then need to hit the Refresh button.

rraud wrote on 2/24/2020, 10:33 AM

+ 1, Alternate VST Search Folder.

Many VST <.dll> plug-in files are placed in the 'Program files> Steinberg' folder by default. I 'm not sure where the Nectar <.dll> files are installed.

Crowyote wrote on 4/25/2020, 7:05 AM

How do you install Izotope audio fx (Nectar 2 and 3) on sony Vegas 16 pro

I'm just curious how the vst's worked out? I noticed on Izotope's website that VP is not a supported programs for most of their plug-ins. I was trying to use their "Imager 2," but it kept glitching.

Dexcon wrote on 4/25/2020, 8:41 AM

I was trying to use their "Imager 2," but it kept glitching.

I know that this is not going to solve your problem, but I have Imager 2 working fine on both VP16 & 17.

rraud wrote on 4/25/2020, 10:16 AM

I have Ozone and RX adv, and a few other plugs installed. No problems here with iZ plug-ins in VP-16. ( (or VP-9 for that matter), Some ASIO devices are known to cause problems with VSTs though, especially when used on the master buses.