Installation/registering problems?

Erik_Nygaard wrote on 3/27/2005, 7:28 AM
First, I've got Acid-5, Vegas-5, DVDArch, CDArch-5.0 and SF-7 installed and running without problems (also got dotnetfx installed).

Installing CDA-5.2 and registering (via another PC) is straightforward, no errors.
Running CDA for the first time gives a few java script errors when it tries to run the commercial blurbs even with the various files present in the correct folder under documents & settings.
The next and subsequent starts gives an error loading "C:PROGRA~1\Sony\CD specified module could not be found".
BTW, SF-8 gives a similar error.
CDA then opens as usual, but the dither plugin shows as 'unregistered' and no plugins are shown in the two nested folders under Audio in the Plugin Chooser except something named Glass under FX/FX Packages.

Un/reinstalling doesn't solve anything and CDA is just about useless for me as a mastgering application at the moment without the plugins.
Any help appreciated.