installed VegasPro17 & an existing "Boris Graffiti" is backwards

ernie-tamminga wrote on 8/16/2019, 6:19 PM

I just installed VegasPro17 on my Windows10 (latest Windows OS version) system --- upgrade from Vegas Pro16 - I go all the way back to Sonic Foundry Vegas... Vegas Pro17 crashed on startup so I removed the Boris BCC plugins and now Vegas launches. But I open a recent, existing Boris Graffiti "titles" project (Vegas Pro17 works OK with Boris Graffiti) and it looks good except that the titles are backwards. Not in reverse order, but literally backwards -- like mirror image. Boris Graffiti 64-bit

Any clues about this? I've submitted a support request to Boris directly about the problem, but if anyone here knows something useful, I'd appreciate it.

(I really like Boris Graffiti and have several [previously] dependable templates I use a lot; I like Graffiti better than the NewBlue Titler, so I'd hate to lose it...)


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