Installing vegas 8, 9 or 10 under Wine/Linux

DiDequ wrote on 12/28/2013, 6:51 AM
There is a subject about Vegas and linux:

this one explains how to install Vegas 8 under Wine

1 download Vegas 8 here
Do not install it now

2 Check winetricks is installed

3 open a terminal

4 write the command
winetricks dotnet35
it will install all following necessary stuff:

Then you can start installing Vegas8 - It will first install microsoft Visual C++ 2005 redistributable

And your terminal wil display plenty of informations until the prompt appears.
If prompt does not appear, it's because you have a hidden window that you can acces with your taskbar. Close this windows, and the winetrick command will end it's job...

You can now run Vegas 8 ...

but as I do not have any serial for this software, I cannot tell you how fast it is compared to a native vegas installation under Windows.

This can probably help someone.

One last information : I'm using the latest Wine under arch (just enter sudo pacman -Syu to get the latest update) before beginning.
I did it, I'm not a Linux guru, so ,you should also be successfull.


DiDequ wrote on 12/28/2013, 9:05 AM
And for Vegas pro 10 under Wine /Linux : it's a bit harder :

I shall not try this one as I get a full 12 registered version under Windows - it does not install under Linux.
One day, I shall try the 10.0 method (above link) with my 12 version - we never know.

Back to work on Windows now.
DiDequ wrote on 12/28/2013, 10:54 AM
Ok, installing Vegas 9 under Wine/ Linux is very easy:
follow the above instructions for Vegas 8.
in a terminal Window, type winecfg

Change the setting from Xp to seven
Install Vegas 9.
Run it

Easy, isn't it !