alfredsvideo wrote on 6/27/2003, 5:39 PM
I seem to be doing everything right in my authoring, but I don't seem to have any links to menus or chapters when I play my project on my set top. I can only get to the next chapter by using the "Next" button. On my computer it is quite okay. The scenes or chapters highlight okay and a simple click is all that's required. Could this be that my set top is the problem?


jeffcrow wrote on 6/30/2003, 3:36 PM
Is it that you see the buttons or text links, but they do not highlight to show that one is selected? Or did you place buttons or text links on your menu, but when you play it they are gone?

My guess is you see the links but none is highlighted, if so, does pressing the enter button on your remote take you to the video of the first link? If so, then you may have the same "menu won't show highlights" problem others are having. Are you making PAL DVDs or NTSC?

There was another post here recently on that issue:
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