Interaction with other video editing software

csolis wrote on 4/12/2001, 3:20 PM
I have installed video factory on a computer where I also
use MGI VideoWave4. After installing the MPEG plugin,
everitime I try to use a program that accesses mpg files,
such as videowave and the MS media player, the computer
requests the installation disk for VideoWave. Why? is
this normal? Fortunatelly I am doing all this on my test
machine first and not on my production system so I can be


nlamartina wrote on 4/15/2001, 2:02 AM

No, this behavior is definately not normal. I have a setup
similar to yours, with no problem, so at least we know it's
possible for both to coexist (although frankly, comparing
VideoFactory to VideoWave is like comparing a Ford Mustang
to a tricycle). Anyway, the first thing I'd recommend you
do is completely empty out your Windows temp directory
(using disk cleanup, probably in your accesories menu in

Sometimes, programs try to access file from the temp
directory, like "setup.exe" for example. The program,
wanting to install a component, goes to the temp directory,
and finds "setup", and runs it, hoping to install the
plugin. However, "setup" wasn't the "setup" for the plugin.
Another program launches instead, since their names are the
same. Emptying your temp directory ends this confusion,
since only one program will have one name instead of
getting mixed up with someone else.

Yeah, I butchered that explanation. I'm tired, so big deal.
Anyway, just empty your temp directory and see if that
helps. If not, reply back here.

Good luck,
Nick LaMartina