Interesting render difference

deusx wrote on 12/30/2015, 7:07 AM
Well maybe.

Just upgraded to Vegas 13 from 12 and installed it on 2 machines.

Mainconcept or Sony mp4 renders

Old one with Nvidia 560 GPU as expected: "render as window/options" has Encode Mode where you can pick CPU only or GPU and Enable progressive download checked by default.

Newer Laptop with Win 8.1 and NVidia 970GPU same render options window ends with Number of slices, Encode mode and progressive download should be under it, but they aren't. When checking the GPU it says CUDA is available. In options it's set to use NVidia GPU to speed up processing.

Short render test: Newer one renders sample project in 40 seconds, old one in 52 which would indicate that GPU is being used to render. Difference in CPU speeds is only 2.7 vs 2.5 ( these are laptops ) + whatever turbo mode is on each.

Rendered file from the new one also downloads progressively even though that option is not selectable ( just doesn't exist there ).

Anybody else have that? ( no encode mode and progressive download options visible )


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