Intro Media Glitch

Jacob-White wrote on 6/5/2022, 12:04 AM

I'm on DVD Architect Version

I haven't had any issues up till this point, and have just started burning Blu-Rays. However, I've recently encountered an problem where the Start Media/Menu will start several seconds into the video/menu when played on a Blu-Ray Player. It works perfectly fine on the computer, and the media is being burned onto the disc, but it still starts several seconds into it when in a player. I've tried everything I can think of, and since my projects rely heavily upon introductory clips, I really need to find a solution. Thanks.


Steve Grisetti wrote on 6/5/2022, 7:23 AM

Have you tried it on more than one BluRay player?

Do you get the same result when you play the disc on your computer?

Home-burned discs don't always play nicely with DVD and BluRay players. But it has nothing to do with the software that creates the disc. It's the nature of home-burned discs -- which use a whole other system for burning discs than commercial DVD and BluRay companies.

DMT3 wrote on 6/5/2022, 8:58 AM

Can you post a screengrab of the iintro media timeline in DVDA? And like Steve says, try another player.

Jacob-White wrote on 6/5/2022, 12:53 PM

Yes, I have tried it on more than one Blu-Ray Player, and it's been the same result. It's only a recent issue. It used to work fine. It plays like it should on the computer.


Here's the timeline.

DMT3 wrote on 6/5/2022, 1:40 PM

Do you have a button on the intro screen? I was curious what that retangle represents.

Jacob-White wrote on 6/5/2022, 2:57 PM

Yes, it's a hidden auto-activation once the menu finishes, redirecting to the main menu. I used to have just the video originally, but I've had the same problem either way.

DMT3 wrote on 6/5/2022, 3:27 PM

You shouldn't need that unless you want to go to menu before the end sometimes. But I don't think that is causing the problem either, was just curious. I don't know a fix but I know a workaround. Create a short mpeg of black,, use that as your intro and then end action to your original intro video. Just a workaround not a fix.

Jacob-White wrote on 6/5/2022, 3:33 PM

Ok, I'll try that, thanks.

Jacob-White wrote on 6/5/2022, 11:09 PM

It's working, thanks!

DMT3 wrote on 6/19/2022, 9:43 AM

@Jacob-White I never had this problem before your post, but today i did. The first few seconds of the intro video did not play. I discovered what is causing my problem and wanted to see if you had the same situation. i run my DBD/Bluray thru an A/V Receiver, Denon to be exact. It apparently takes a few seconds for the reciever to recognize the signal. By that time, seconds of video have played. I played the same disk on a different player with direct connection to TV and everything was fine. Just wanted to follow up.

Jacob-White wrote on 6/19/2022, 12:08 PM

As far as I know, the hdmi I'm using makes it pretty instant, but that is a good thing to keep in mind for future discs.