Is Vegas pro compitable with external digital controllers?

Carl-Weingarten wrote on 7/29/2022, 7:38 PM

I have been using Vegas Pro for a number of years, primarily as an audio editor. I have begun to use it for recording audio, and while the system works there's a lot of multitasking between takes, while trying to focus on playing an instrument. Are there any controllers out there that work with Vegas that will offer a simple record/stop/rewind workflow?


rraud wrote on 7/30/2022, 9:45 AM

Yes, there are controllers that will work with Vegas.. I think the Mackie universal controller worked with SCS versions of Vegas. There were others I do not recall. You could peruse the SCS Vegas archives for clues. External controllers have not been commented on here lately. Maybe someone on the Magix Vegas Video forum can help. VP support may know some that will work .

DMT3 wrote on 7/30/2022, 8:37 PM

If you need simple but useful, I would look at the Contour Shuttle Pro. It has your shuttle features and all buttons are programmable. You can even make macros that are triggered by a button.

fr0sty wrote on 7/31/2022, 2:15 AM

you can also use a standard midi controller, or even a midi piano/keyboard or drum pad. Yes, you can edit video with musical instruments. If you really wanted to get goofy crazy with it, you could get a bunch of piezo elements and use them to detect you hitting any surface, then use an arduino controller to convert that to midi signals, turning anything, like your coffee table, into a midi controller. Then you could map that into VEGAS and have the world's most insane video editing controller... lol. I need to go to bed. For real, though, you could make your own custom controllers this way, and they would work in VEGAS.

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