SonicDHC wrote on 10/18/2002, 10:22 AM
Yes it does. You can enter ISRC info in the Track List data window.

brokenrecords wrote on 10/18/2002, 10:32 AM
SonyDennis wrote on 10/18/2002, 4:09 PM
You can enter a UPC or MCN number for the disc itself as well.
Eventide wrote on 10/21/2002, 9:47 AM
It's also nice to see that the ISRC codes now display in the correct format in CDA 5, ie: AA-AAA-00-00000 as opposed to AA-AAA-00-0000-0, which was incorrect in CDA 4 (although SF assured me that the data recorded on the disc is a straight alphanumeric string with no hyphens in anyhow).