isrc & upn codes

hv wrote on 3/29/2006, 11:50 AM
Anyone else having trouble with isrc and upn code burning? Since upgrading CD Arch to 5.2a I've had 2 masters come up with errors at Disc Makers. The error has to do with the Red Book 9 out of 10 rule relating to UPN, ISRC, and ATIME on the Q channel. They apparently use Eclipse v4.0 for Master testing and replicating. I tried reinstalling CD Arch 5.0 and only doing the 50to52 upgrade but those masters failed too. I'm thinking I might have to reinstall Windows or something to get rid of whatever's doing it. In the mean time I'm trying to burn some new masters with Nero 6. I know I've burned plenty of good masters in the past with a variety of burners using CD Arch 5.2 so I'm not sure what gives here.

Burners I've tried all yield the same errors are Pioneer A06 and 110D as well as Plextor 740A. Strange thing is that Eclipse reports the errors for only the 1st 15 minutes of the CD exactly every 75 sectors. WIthout regard to project or burner.



drbam wrote on 3/30/2006, 4:40 AM
I assume you have checked to see if your media is ok? Even the good stuff can fail. I recently purchased a 100 spindle of Taiyo Yunden printable media and starting getting extreme C1 errors on every disc in the same place (last part of a 73 min project). After several of these bad burns, I switched to other media and all was back to normal (perfect). I had to assume that the entire batch was probably defective - unusual but obviously it can happen.

hv wrote on 3/30/2006, 12:46 PM
Wish it was a media error. I had to proceed by removing isrc's to make the error go away.

These errors apparently can only happen when UPC and ISRC codes are both present. Wish I had a way to detect the error before shipping the master. My latest FedEx overnight determined that burning with Nero 6 doesn't change anything. My theory now is that something might have mucked with imapi.sys or redbook.sys since those are the default burner filters. Rerunning sp2 should restore them to original condition. Unfortunately I won't be able to test this theory till I ship my next project.