iZotope Insight and Vegas Pro 16

Dexcon wrote on 4/29/2019, 5:40 AM

I am most interested to know if anyone is successfully using iZotope Insight 1 or 2 in Vegas Pro 16 (or 14 or 15 for that matter) in surround mode especially 5.1.

I've tested both Insight 1 and 2 in surround mode as an Audio Track FX on the Surround Master on a 5.1 project, and all I get are stereo levels etc in Insight, even though the Surround Master is displaying individual track levels. Changing the Audio Device in Preferences to other options (including directing the 5.1 channels appropriately) makes no difference to Insight at all.

If anyone has got Insight working in surround mode in VP, I'd be most appreciative to know how you've got it working and what settings are needed.

Many thanks in advance.


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