Jerk video

alfredsvideo wrote on 8/22/2006, 4:13 AM
Just bought and installed Vegas 6.0 Went through all the Properties and Options and changed them to my way of working. Can't think, though, how to resolve this problem: Video and audio stream, in the preview window, are smooth and in sync. However when I hook up to and external monitor, the video is way too jerky to edit with and looks to be about 10fps or even less. Audio is okay.
Any suggestions? Thanks.
P4, 2.6gHz. 512 Ram


rs170a wrote on 8/22/2006, 4:22 AM
Set your preview window to Best/Auto for most editing. If you need a higher quality preview, set it to Best/Full, select the area to be previewed and do a RAM render (shift B).