Joystick Options for Surround Panning?

Genious wrote on 10/23/2019, 1:28 AM

Apologies first off if this is not in the right category. It's more geared to audio so I went with that one.

I'm wondering if people on here have had any experience using a joystick to control (and write) surround panning. I'm thinking more along the lines of the kind that DOES NOT return to the middle when you let go, if that makes sense. Like the kind you use for video games is not what I'm looking at. I have a Tascam US-2400 that I only ever used with Cubase and Studio One audio DAW but just recently got some parts of it working with Vegas Pro 13. The Tascam has a single joystick but I have not been able to get it recognized. What I would like to find is a standalone stick similar to it that I could use to place the audio using the surround panner instead of using the left click and dragging with the mouse. I realize it's probably a long-shot but just thought I'd put it out there anyway. Thanks for any input anyone has.


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