Joystick profiles?

The_Voice wrote on 7/3/2003, 9:52 PM
Just bought a Logitech Wingman Attack 2 Joystick and am having a devil of a time setting it up. Would anybody have profiles available, the ones in Vegas 4.0c I just cannot get to work - maybe I am doing something wrong (...likely...).

I would like to work Surround Sound with the joystick, but all I seem to be able to do is move the panner(s) - which is fine but there has to be more...

Need help, will work for sound!

Would you please email profiles to:

Frank F


JasonMilo wrote on 7/6/2003, 1:32 AM
Can Vegas record surround panning using a joystick and keyframes? Sorry I just added onto the question.


The_Voice wrote on 7/6/2003, 8:12 PM
The answer is a resounding YES! This much I can do with the joystick.. It works only in the keyframe mode and controls the movement of the panner.

I am yet unable to actually input the keyframes start point and other controls as necessary. However, I am still playing with the "profiler" from Logietch. With this I hope to be able to control "mouse" movements, volume, track focus, etc. as described by SoFo in the "help" files which are NO help in this matter.

SoFo does have .ini files which I am unable to understand how they apply to the joystick.

The real kick to this is when recording Surround Sound keyframes, it's almost like flying some sort of high tech jet. The joystick has put the fun back into audio recording.

I just wish that it worked as described in the "NO Help" files. SoFo needs to clear up this in their information... a better description of how to make it work would help immensley.
JasonMilo wrote on 7/9/2003, 9:26 AM

Does anyone else use a joystick in Vegas for inputing surround keyframes? Is this even possible?

SonyEPM wrote on 7/9/2003, 2:38 PM
You cannot record automation from any external device.
The_Voice wrote on 7/9/2003, 6:19 PM
That's interesting SoEPM, cause I am doing it right now... (O.K., just before I wrote this), and if that's so - wouldn't a "mouse" be considered an external device?

What I do not have and what is promised in the manual and the "help" files is the profile for the joystick which will make it operate as described in "Using a Joystick for panning, Adjusting Controls, and Color Correction", sub: "Using the Logitech Wingman Joystick".

SoFo provide .ini files which are written parameters, but not the profiles which was suggested under "The Joystick Profiles folder in the Vegas program" There are NO "instrucustions on creating or editing joystick mappings", also as indicated in the "help" files.

Why? and could we have what IS promised.

At present, I can move the automation panner point and with a bit of skullduggery I have been able to add keyframe's and bring up the panner automation box. I am yet unable to control volume and track focus or move to next keyframe (or back), I am unable to move the cursor with the joystick, I am unable to move the control which has focus, I am unable to use Mixer control or Color Corrector, I am unable to reset control to defualt... etc.


The Voice
Superfulcrum wrote on 7/11/2003, 10:22 AM
It would be very nice to see a full joystick implementation as then it would seem easy to make a 4 fader + buttons mixer box and anyway how about putting the .1 channel (or center) on the throttle control where available?