Keyframe Animation not working on Effects!

leleologia wrote on 9/10/2019, 12:12 AM

Hi, i'm using Vegas Pro 16.0 for a couple of weeks and i notice that the keyframes are not working well - it only works in the Event Pan/Crop. When i try to animate an effect to make, for example, the Blur Effect go from zero to maximum, i can see the change happening in the preview, but if i select any keyframe, the value of the blur doesn't follow the change (if i select the keyframe wich is set to zero, the value still says 1,0000). The preview also stays the same if i click in the keyframes, even when i activate the Sync Cursor. If i click anywhere on the timeline where there are no keyframes, then the change happens and i can see the animation working. Everytime i try to select the keyframe, it doens't work. And i can't select more than one keyframe by draging my mouse, so i think is a problem with te whole keyframing system.

If i manage to make the animation even with this bug, it kinda works, but it's really hard to animate like that. Maybe it's my computer, but, if there is a explanation or a solution, it would really help me, because keyframe animation is one of the most important thing for doing my job. Thank you!



Marco. wrote on 9/10/2019, 3:28 AM

Which build of Vegas Pro 16 do you use?

leleologia wrote on 9/10/2019, 8:49 PM

Build 248.

Robbie wrote on 9/11/2019, 12:38 AM

I'm still on VP15, but it might be worth updating your VP16 to the latest build 424.

An issue of odd keyframe animation with the Color Correction Effect was identified earlier this year on the MSZ Forum

That issue was reported to be fixed in build 424. Might be completely separate issue but the fix might have broader benefits.

Cheers, , Robbie