Keyframe will not delete

Perceval wrote on 5/5/2016, 8:59 PM
I have been using Generated Media to overlay text. The text changes over time and I found using one event instance with keyframes (each keyframe is a different text string) was easier to manage than a separate event instances for the each text string. After entering all the various keyframes. I realized I mistakenly entered one. I cannot delete it or even edit the text. Is their some other backdoor way to edit this Generated Media event?

Thanks, Perceval


VMP wrote on 5/5/2016, 10:43 PM

Note that there always is one keyframe present, that cannot be deleted.
You can click on that single keyframe and set the media as you wish, or choose a preset to set things to default.

If you are trying to delete one keyframe which is in between other keyframes then try selecting that keyframe by drag+click selecting it from the space before it to after, like you would select different files in a folder.

Then hit delete.

rstrong wrote on 5/5/2016, 11:55 PM
Try this, it might be the same as I have experienced with pic's.
If the keyframe is the last one, you need to extend the time of that event. Then you can edit it or delete it. Just add a second or two to the event and that should allow you access to it. It always works for me.

R. Strong

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Laurence wrote on 5/6/2016, 9:28 AM
Robert is right. You get this if you shorten an event past where the keyframe was originally placed. The keyframe will move in towards the beginning, but you can't delete it because NLEs you expand the event out to where the keyframe goes back to it's original nail position.
Perceval wrote on 5/6/2016, 7:04 PM
Thank you VMP, Robert and Laurence.

It certainly appears to the keyframe from Hades. It has that "rubberband" ability to always go back to it's original position when moved. I now notice, if I try editing the text, I actually create a second keyframe. This duplicate keyframe is moveable and can be deleted.

I will keep trying to find the event size which may allow me to delete it, or simply reproduce the event.

Again Thanks! Perceval
Laurence wrote on 5/7/2016, 12:03 PM
Just extend the event temporarily to delete the unwanted keyframe. Once it is gone, shrink the event back down to the size you want.
Arthur.S wrote on 5/7/2016, 1:04 PM
Adding to the advice above, it sounds like you've moved the original keyframe at the start along a bit. This one can't be deleted. I've noticed that sometimes if I change the event length keyframes can swap around. Very annoying!