Know nothing

aussiemick wrote on 6/13/2002, 6:52 PM
All I know about audio is volume bass and treble basically.The audio effects that come with Vegas are out of my understanding,and what I wuold like is some good reference book, internet site or some help from the forum,as to how to know what reverb, amplitude modulation etc.,does and what problems in audio that they solve.
I know this is very basic to most of you out there, but a simple explanation would be greatly apppreciated.The Help section in Vegas is a bit beyond my understanding at this stage.Thanks.


MyST wrote on 6/14/2002, 4:17 AM
A simple explanation?!?

Here's a site I know of...


Frenchy wrote on 6/14/2002, 9:55 AM
What timing!! Last night I was playing with some of the audio plug-ins, and wondering the same thing. ie - what does "compression" do? How about a "noise gate"?. The studiocovers site appears to be down this morning. Any other ideas? Thanks

seeker wrote on 6/15/2002, 5:42 PM

> The studiocovers site appears to be down this morning. <

The site is up now. The "dustcovers" part of the site will remain down for a while.

-- Burton --