Laptop Recommendation for DVD Architect

andy-saxsma wrote on 4/15/2020, 5:53 PM

Hi All - I gave up on DVD Architect 7.0 a couple years ago when it kept freezing up on me. I believe the recommendation to was to get a better laptop then what I've got. Well, the time has come to get a new laptop, and I haven't given up on DVD Architect yet. I found the system requirements, but I'd feel better if someone has actually found that a particular laptop works well. Any good experiences out there? Here is one I was considering in the $2000 range. Thanks All! - Andy


john-de wrote on 4/16/2020, 2:50 AM

DVD Architect, at it's core is a 10 year or more old 32bit programme, with very little CPU and memory demands for todays pcs - I don't know why you were told that but looking at your current laptop specs I can't see any reason it shouldn't work still. The freezing was more than likely down to some configuration problem - if you now are on Windows 10 I'd give it another go before spending $2000.

andy-saxsma wrote on 4/25/2020, 4:36 PM

Hi john-de. Sorry for slow reply. Hobbies always get shuffled down the priority list! Okay, I will take your advice and try again. If I am remembering right, I had trouble in two places. First, adding video clips to composites I think they were called. The second was rendering. I think I'd have to eliminate clips until I found the offending one. I've made many DVDs with DVD architect, so I'm wondering whether that eliminates config problems?

john-de wrote on 4/29/2020, 5:23 AM

It's always a good idea to move the temp folder default location to C:\Temp (create that folder if it doesn't exist). In both DVDA and Avid DVD this has solved a lot of problems for me.