Large Pre-Rendered files, whats going on?

Zulqar-Cheema wrote on 2/6/2004, 3:16 PM
Not sure if something has changed in the pre-rendered section of files.
Normally they are in small chunks along the T/L, but today I had a long one of over 5 minutes long over loads of small clips and the end of the video. In the past it lot's of small ones, so whats happened.

Is this normal or has something changed ?


vectorskink wrote on 2/8/2004, 1:38 AM
I had the same thing happen as well. Never noticed it before.
Grazie wrote on 2/8/2004, 1:53 AM
Z - Over the past 48 just did a 2:30min very small project. It created these small Pre-Render files chunks. No problem. Have you recently upgraded to v4.0e? I'm still on V4.0d . . .?


Grazie wrote on 2/8/2004, 2:04 AM
Z, try Pre-Rendering small chunks .. maybe 2 mins long and see if you get the even smaller small chunks you got before - yeah? I think that was what I was driving at before. Maybe by Wednesday when we may bump into each other you'll have had some success. I do like PR, it gives me a "better" view of what I've done . . AND it makes for a smoother render to New Track AND Print from T/L work better - yeah?

Zulqar-Cheema wrote on 2/8/2004, 10:39 AM
Hi, yes I have upgraded to E, it has done It again, a nuisance really as if there is a Cheng in the middle the whole lot un-renders. They are normally 12 seconds each i think.

Just re-worked a piece that had a 2 minute continuous render above it, then re-rendered again and it did it in small chunks.

Would the Quantize frames have any bearing on this, as it was on..